Home Away From Home & A Video Message from @QBWalters1 – #elijahstrikesback

It’s been a week since I’ve had time to simply be still and gather my thoughts and I wanted to briefly share how Elijah is doing at our home away from home, otherwise known as Baltimore.

Early this week Elijah was released from the hospital and he and I made our way to the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore. Shayne was still in Cincy and I was a nervous wreck attempting to get E out of the hospital, lifted up into the back seat of Shayne’s forever tall truck with Elijah being sick and unable to move and hoist his leg into the truck, driving in the streets of an unknown downtown, and single handedly getting E out of the truck and up into our room. However, we did it! It was quite comical  on my part because I was a nervous nelly, but Elijah was quite patient with me even though he was still not feeling well…..at all. He couldn’t shake the nausea, dizziness, soreness, and drowsiness.

Upon our admission to The Ronald McDonald House I immediately began meeting other families and taking an interest in their stories; each one of them so dear, so heartbreaking, so full of hope. Although I do not wish our Elijah to be in this situation, I do feel that I’ve had the privilege to experience compassion on an even deeper level. In his struggle he has taught me that. What a gift. The precious people here have been such an encouragement.

For the first few days here he was still very sick and Wednesday was particularly tough, however by Thursday he was starting to level out and become more like himself, although he’s still fighting soreness in his good hip that they bone graphed. Hoping this subsides soon. All week Elijah has been undergoing PT and pool therapy.  The staff at Sinai Hospital is outstanding. I am in awe of what they do. For Elijah, PT is the closest thing he has to competing/feeling like he’s pushing himself out on the field with his friends, and so, although it’s hard, he rises to the occasion. He was especially excited when he got to get in the pool for therapy for the first time. If you know Elijah very well you know he’s an experience every ounce of life kind of kid and the pool therapy was no different. For us, it’s the first time that his Perthes hip/leg is left to be more open to do what it was designed to do…..walk. We get choked up watching him. There he is….FREE. The physical therapists have all been tremendous with him as they challenge him, kid with him, and encourage him to keep pushing harder.

Elijah has spent time reading (he may be out of school, but he can’t escape my reading wrath 🙂 – ha! He has gotten some thoughtful gifts, surprises, calls, and messages from his friends and family, enjoyed house dinners and in house movies w/families of RMH (Under Armour even came one night and provided dinner and bingo), shot some hoops from his wheelchair (see below :), been taken on numerous outside strolls, continued to ask 7 zillion questions about anything and everything, and begun to do a bit more walker walking. So surreal to see your son, who you are used to seeing running amuck and up and down a field, a court, a baseball diamond, or sidewalk for that matter, be stricken to a walker……again. Hard to describe the feelings, but I know it’s all part of his journey, his story, his struggle, his triumph. In those hopeless moments I am reminded of Romans 8:28 – And we know that in all things the Lord works for the good of those who love Him and have been called according to His purpose. Elijah is a warrior and we want him to rage on in Jesus name.

Today Elijah said that we has really starting to miss home and his friends. Being away for him has been a social shutdown. He’s missing all the end-of-year fun and goodies w/his 5th grade class. Most days he’s ok about it and other days, like today, he shares that he’s anxious to get home….we all are.

I took 2 minutes and asked Elijah a few on the spot questions about his Perthes journey. You can give it a listen below.  He’s quite candid. Yikes. Man, I love this wild boy. Crazy to think that God loves him even more. Continued thanks to each and every one of you who take the time to text, call, email, give, pray, serve, run our other 3 around town, and everything in between. You are our circle of support and we are grateful. Thank you for helping Elijah #tackleperthes one tackle at a time.


Darling Emily at RMH – A fellow Texan!

Busting out of the hospital!

Sweet surprises!

Box of treats from Uncle Jeff & Aunt Annie!


A time waster & teeth cruncher – a giant size jaw breaker. Can you guess which parent got him this?

That smile. 🙂

Wheelchair basketball. He STILL beat me at P-I-G. How is that possible?!?!

#tackleperthes #alldayeveryday

Published by MightE1

My name is Elijah. I was the starting quarterback for my football team that I have played football on since I was in kindergarten. I play select Baseball and Basketball as well. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and going into the 7th grade. I love Jesus, my family, sports and The Ohio State Buckeyes. I was diagnosed with Legg Calve Perthes Disease in May of 2015 and have been working hard to do what most boys my age do everyday. Run. Jump. Play. I now realize I want my life to be more than just sports. I believe God is using my story to help other find hope, and create opportunities for them to enjoy and embrace the life God has for them.

5 thoughts on “Home Away From Home & A Video Message from @QBWalters1 – #elijahstrikesback

  1. You’re a great encouragement to other young people who are facing challenges in life. Attitude is very important when it comes to accomplishing your goals and yours is positive and balanced (got to keep Jesus, family and friends in the mix and you do). I’m praying for you.


    Jeff Brown


  2. Elijah, you are such an inspiration to me and to many others! Love your heart, your spirit and your love for God, friends and family!! Can’t wait to see you back home! Stay strong and keep fighting the fight like only a true champion can!!❤️🙏👍


  3. Elijah,
    I don’t know you, but I teach with your mom. Man, you are one tough little dude! Hang in there and keep fighting,..your attitude and perspective is inspiring. And as always, GO BUCKS!
    Greg Miller


  4. I am late to following Elijah’s journey. I had no idea! I get inspiration from quotes, so here’s the first of many to come your way:
    “Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”
    — Robert H. Schuller


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